Shoe Size Guide

The Little Feet Size Guide

How to use:

1. Tap on the image to download the PDF

2. Print out the handy size guide at 100%

3. Place your little one's heel on the marker shown on the sheet. Measure to the end of the longest toe, the number in the circle is their UK shoe size! Don't forget to measure both feet, if one is slightly longer than the other always go by the larger size! 

4. Convert the UK size using the conversion chart along the right, to figure out your child's shoe size in US & EU sizes! Be aware the conversion chart is a separate tool to the UK size measurement chart, the dotted lines do not line up to corresponding sizes on the conversion chart! 

PLEASE NOTE: this is a rough size guide, intended to be used as a helpful tool. But be aware that brand sizes do tend to vary. 

Customer feedback has been that Liewood sandals tend to run a little small, so if your child is in the upper half of their size, sizing up may be a good idea! 


liewood shoe size guide


And if you don't have a printer, the approximate insole measurements are:

EUR 19 - 12.1cm
EUR 20 - 12.7cm
EUR 21 - 13.4cm
EUR 22 - 14.1cm
EUR 23 - 14.7cm
EUR 24 - 15.4cm
EUR 25 - 16cm
EUR 26 - 16.7cm
EUR 27 - 17.4cm
EUR 28 - 18cm
EUR 29 - 18.7cm
EUR 30 - 19.3cm