Hello, I'm Carley, mum to Sisi, creator of Sisi & Seb and this is a little bit about why I decided to start up my own online store. Since I was little I always dreamt of having my own boutique. At university I studied textile design, where my love for aesthetics developed even more and after finishing, I decided to moved into retail management and later buying for a big high street chain. 

In 2013, I welcomed my daughter into the World. It was life changing in more ways than one and I absolutely loved my new role, the best I had taken on but also the scariest!  The other lovely part was dressing up my little girl. As a lover of all things special and different, but at the same time understated, I found it difficult to find clothes and accessories that weren't very gender specific or individual. Everything was animal themed, bright and in the main garish. We moved to Spain when she was one and it’s there that I found a love for their amazing children's clothes; traditional cuts and shapes with stunning muted tones next to oversized detailing and accessories. Real heirloom pieces that you would hold onto and treasure forever. Clothes that make you hold on to special memories. 

For two years, I dreamt of starting up an online store selling these amazing, individual wares. Finally, in 2017 I decided that this was the year that I should just really go for it, the dreaming was over, and here we are! 

Sisi & Seb offers a selection of carefully curated clothes, accessories and toys which we have discovered and love. Items which not only have a point of difference and stand out for their composition, colour, detailing and style but that are also eco friendly and are not mass produced. It is important to know where your product comes from and who your purchases support. You can read more on this over on the blog section where I started a 'Meet the Designer' Blog. 

We believe in 'Buy less, buy better'; having 3 items instead of 6 and reusing them, passing them down and passing them on. Thinking about the 'price per wear' and the quality of the pieces that you buy. Quality over quantity! 

We hope you love the products and treasure them like we do; we want to give you the best clothes and accessories whilst giving you the best customer service.