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      4 products

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      Did you know that babies develop in so many ways during their first five years
      that it dwarfs everything they learn over the rest of their lives? 
      • newborns can only see as far as 12 to 15 inches away (around the length of
      your forearm and hand)
      • they are most taken with their parents’ faces
      • they are drawn to simple but repeating geometric shapes in black and white
      • which is great, because high-contrast visual patterns promote infant brain
      Wee strives to use eco-friendly materials.
      That means they minimize use of plastics and avoid materials that may have dangerous effluents involved in their production, such as PVC. Wall graphics are made of EVA, a vinyl product without dangerous effluents. Printed paper products, made in China, are made from FSC-certified paper and soy-based inks. Cotton products are produced with GOTS-certified organic cotton, which means no chemical softeners. 
      Wee partners only with manufacturers that will abide by a code of conduct that includes ecologically and socially-sustainable practices. 
      They must agree to pay their workers a fair wage and provide good working conditions. Among their global partners are China’s Leo Paper group, which is ISO 9000 certified and consistently earn industry awards for good overall practices, and India’s Alaska Export, a GOTS certified manufacturer of organic cotton textiles.