Spring Clean Their Toys With Our Top Liewood Storage Picks

stackable storage crates
From stackable crates to pretty suitcases and dreamy baskets. Our storage collection is looking lovely these days. The perfect solutions for playrooms, bedrooms, nurseries and bathrooms; so if you're tackling the chaos this Spring, we have everything you need to do it in style! Scroll down for our favourites.


liewood bloom and samantha baskets

Liewood's brand new beach baskets are amazing for toting all their seaside treasures; but they make great storage for toy food and cuddly toys! Choose from small and large baskets in a range of pretty pastel colours.



liewood storage caddies

Liewood's art caddies are such a great way to organise all those little craft bits that float around the house! Perfect for everything from stickers to paintbrushes; but also pretty amazing for sorting baby bits and bobs in a nursery. Choose from the large Hope size or the smaller May caddy.


liewood storage crates

What can we say, we're obsessed with these storage crates! The inter-stacking feature definitely one-up them from other stacking crates on the market. You can stack two mediums on a large, or two smalls on a medium. This genius little bit of design means you really can tailor your storage exactly how you need it! 
These crates are amazing for everything from toys, food, wellies, laundry and... well, anything you can think of. With more colours on the way too!

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