Sisi & Seb Makes: Weaning Friendly Smoothie Melts

These smoothie melts were such a hit over on our Instagram, we thought we'd pop them up on the blog, to make them a bit easier to find! 

Healthy, great for everyone from teething babies to big kids, and in our Liewood Sonny ice cube trays, super cute too! Pop a couple in a bowl with some fruit for just the right amount of sweet treat. 

liewood sonny ice cube trays

How to make: We blitzed almond milk, live yoghurt (the more yoghurt you use, the meltier they are!), frozen berries and a tiny bit of agave to taste. Then just spoon into the tray and put in the freezer for a few hours, or overnight! A great activity for little hands to help with, and it's so easy to sub out the ingredients to suit any tastes or dietary needs! 

Not a fan of berries? Try mango or banana! Can't do dairy? Try coconut yoghurt! 

Another tip is to fill the tray half way for small ones, to make them easier for little fingers to pick up! 

One of our lovely followers Rose made them using our larger Liewood Mariam cake pans, making the perfect sweet snack for bigger ones!

We love how versatile all of the Liewood bakeware is, keep your eye out for more recipes, tips and ideas on the way soon! 


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