5 Ways To Play With Liewood Paddling Pools When It's Raining

If there's one thing we can count on in England, it's not being able to count on the weather! So welcome to our 5 favourite ways to play with Liewood paddling pools when it's raining outside. 

NB: other paddling pool brands are available, Konges Sløjd also works very well for all of these ideas 😉


We saw this idea on @amberfillerup's stories and had to share! Blow up a couple of small sized pools (one for each kid) or one large pool, and fill with blankets, cushions and snacks! Perfect for them to curl up in a watch a movie. @morganalicb is queen of kids movie night inspo, so head over to her feed if you need a little decor inspiration. This idea is perfect for birthdays or just an extra special night in! 

liewood savannah paddling pool in blue stripe


Such a genius idea (if we say so ourselves), SO much more contained than a tuff tray with those inflatable sides and great for popping wobbly little ones in! Freeze some sea creatures in ice cubes and defrost the freezer for some artic play, or go for a good old cereal construction site; the possibilities are endless. 


Okay this is an obvious one, but hear us out! Four words: ball pit treasure hunt. Hide little parcels in the ball pit or, for an Easter theme, hide little colourful eggs! The parcels can either contain little treats, stickers or, if you want to keep it educational, hide a letter in each parcel. Then when they find all the letters they have to make the word. There are so many ways to play, although to be honest, often a simple ball pit is all the fun they need in the world. The smaller sized pools are perfect for a regular sized bag of balls, in our experience, but you might need 2 or 3 bags to properly fill up a large sized pool!  

liewood leonore paddling pool playtime


We did this one a lot during lockdowns, make up a batch of moon sand using flour and olive or sunflower oil. You can use baby oil but we prefer this taste safe option, and not even for the toddler, the dog has a habit of eating ours! Once you've mixed up enough moon sand, pour it in the paddling pool and pop plenty of Liewood beach toys in, or their favourite little figures for small world beach play! 


One of our favourite pretend play games over here is pirate ships! You can either pretend the paddling pool is the boat, or it can be the sea and you have to walk the plank (tri-climb slide for us!) and jump in. A great fake sea are those crinkly foil blankets you can buy for post-marathon running! But it doesn't stop at pirate ships, you can be a viking (don't forget your freja bow and arrows!), speedboats, or Octonaut gups. The perfect way to spark their imagination and keep them active on a rainy day! 

liewood savannah pool with swim rings

We hope we've given you a little inspiration to make the most of your paddling pool, whether it's last year's, or you're ordering for Summer early. You don't need to wait for the sunshine to make your own fun! 

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